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LED Industries, Inc. can engineer custom LED Retrofit Kits for almost any application. Don't see your exterior light fixture in our catalog? Have a question? Want more information? Drop us a line!

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LED Industries, Inc.
3001 N US Highway 12
Spring Grove, IL 60081
United States of America

Contact: Mike Moore
Phone: 1-888-700-7815
Fax: 1-815-675-1001

Tired of high electricity bills?
... and blown out bulbs and the hassle of maintenance?


You don't have to rely on our word alone...

With the new LED Retrofit Kit from LED Industries, Inc., we have dramatically improved the amount of light and quality of light now illuminating our front lot... We have doubled the amount of light... yet still able to reduce our overall electrical consumption by converting to the energy efficient LED technology. We'll also save big on the eliminated labor and maintenance costs since we won't need to change out failed bulbs and ballasts for the next 15+ years. "
--  Jim Daluga, General Manager | Fox Lake Toyota

What They Say

quote I really like the new LED lighting system and I’m looking forward to saving a ton of electricity in the coming years. It’s a great investment for the company and going to the new LED technology makes perfect sense as we look for ways to cut costs and improve our margins."

-- Bob Kopfmann, President
The Kopfmann Company

Contact Information

LED Industries, Inc.
3001 N US Highway 12.
Spring Grove, IL 60081
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