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Welcome to a brighter tomorrow by LED Industries, Inc.
        We bring the best, most responsible technologies to market that meet our world's growing need for GREENER solutions.

Why LED Industries, Inc.?
With increasing energy costs, we are here to help.


Keep your expensive light fixtures and upgrade them with our Retrofit Kits. Imagine a brighter, greener lighting solution costing you up to 90% less, with minimal labor and maintenance costs. Sound incredible?
It is.
Here at LED Industries, Inc., it is our #1 Goal to make that a reality for you!

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A Win For Everyone
Rewards for preserving our world!


Real financial incentives for a brighter and greener tomorrow. There are state, local, utility, and federal incentives that have been put in place to inspire renewable energy applications and encourage energy efficiency.
Essentially, your switch to a brighter, less expensive tomorrow, will earn you cash!

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Tired of Wasting Money?
Save thousands on your lighting costs!


Old lighting can drain you dry! Old HID lights will dim or blow out, costing you literally thousands in maintenance and labor. Not to mention the inconvenience or compromised security these events would cause!
Let us get rid of those costs completely with a much better solution, our LED Lighting.

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What They Say

quote I really like the new LED lighting system and I’m looking forward to saving a ton of electricity in the coming years. It’s a great investment for the company and going to the new LED technology makes perfect sense as we look for ways to cut costs and improve our margins."

-- Bob Kopfmann, President
The Kopfmann Company

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